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Skadi Loppet News                                                                    The SUBARU Skadi Loppet 2025 with a new date: 25/26. January !

With winter 2025 a new era begins for the Skadi Loppet. For over 30 years, the Skadi Loppet has been the winter finale for cross-country skiing in Central Europe. Global warming has caused us to take this new path and change the date. We have chosen the fourth weekend in January as the only possible date in the Euroloppet calendar. We also chose January because Bodenmais is 99.99% guaranteed to have snow in January. This will give you a completely new experience of the Skadi Loppet. The snow conditions in Bodenmais are perfect in January. No heavy snow, no rain or other bad trail conditions - We look forward to seeing you.




All registered runners  are automatically rebooked for the races on January 25th and 26th, 2025.  

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The cult ski marathon finale in Central Europe! Accept the challenge!

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