NEW program 2023:  42 km F and 22 km F Sparkassen Jet / 42 km C  and 22 km C SUBARU Skadi Loppet / 1100 starting places

The Organizing Committee of Skadi Loppet expresses solidarity with the Ukrainian people on the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine and condemns Russia's violation of international law!

Which race do you want to participate in?

VR GenoBank Schareben Loppet

Team Race - 03/11/2023 - without timing

Sparkassen Jet

Free Technique - Saturday 03/18/2023

Radio Galaxy - Junior Loppet

Free Technique - Saturday 03/18/2023

SUBARU Skadi Loppet

Classic Technique - Sunday 03/19/2023

"The Ski Marathon Final in Central Europe"

Skadi Loppet - Impressions - - -

Webcams Skadi Loppet - Bodenmais / Germany

Skadi Loppet Arena (1120 m)
 Highest point Skadi Loppet trail (Chamer hut 1301 m)

   Secure your starting place - for the skimarathon cult final in central europe!

Accept the challenge - push your limits!