The anniversary race on 20./21. March 2021


30 Years Skadi Loppet - Bodenmais Germany  

Current information:

Snow situation:

50 - 60 cm snow on the tracks - all trakcs is open (100 km)

CORONA situation:

The organization team is currently in the process of developing the concept for the Skadi Loppet 2021 based on the current official regulations.

We also assume that Skadi Loppet can take place on March 20 and 21, 2021.

No late registrations / registration deadline March 1st, 2021

Examples of possible restrictions:

Possibly only 32 km F, 17 km F on Saturday, Sunday only 42 km C,
Start times are safely changed - complete handling of each individual competition route is a prerequisite
Access to the stadium and track only for runners in the current competition (limited stay)
Participant limitation per race / competition
(Example: 400 participants per race / competition route with wave starts per 50-100 participants)

The information is always published here in accordance with further developments and official regulations.

Thank you for your understanding

Skadi Loppet Arena Bodenmais-Germany - Webcam

VR GenoBank Schareben Loppet

Team Race - Saturday 03/15/2021

Sparkassen Jet

Free Technique - Saturday 03/20/2021 - Program - Tracks - Classification starting blocks - Starting fees - Registration

Radio Galaxy Junior Loppet

Free Technique - Saturday 03/20/2021

SUBARU Skadi Loppet

Classic Technique - Sunday 03/21/2021 - Program - Tracks - Classification starting blocks - Starting fees - Registration

Skadi Loppet Arena

Stadium plan / Bus timetable / Parking facilities / Waxing service / Weather / snow report

Skadi Loppet Village

Start number issue / late registration / large sports fair / wax-service / showers and changing rooms / pasta party / award ceremonies

Skadi Loppet 2019 - Highlights

"The Ski Marathon Final in Central Europe"

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