The Skadi Loppet 2021 - Bodenmais Germany

- must be canceled !

Current information:

Snow situation:

50 -60 cm snow on the tracks - all trakcs is open (114 km)

CORONA situation:
The organization team regrets having to cancel the Skadi Loppet 2021 based on the current official regulations.
Since it can unfortunately be assumed that there will be no opening for the hotel and catering trade after March 7th, the OK Skadi Loppet has unanimously decided not to hold the Skadi Loppet 2021.

We apologize for any inconvenience

All registered runners are automatically registered for the Skadi Loppet 2022.

Here is the exact information

Skadi Loppet Arena Bodenmais-Germany - Webcam

VR GenoBank Schareben Loppet

Team Race - 22.02.2021 bis 05.04.2021

Skadi Loppet 2019 - Highlights

"The Ski Marathon Final in Central Europe"

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