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Participation limit 1100 starters  (550 Saturday  +  550 Sunday)

The registration is

  • open with credit card until March 10th, 2023 - midnight
  • open by bank transfer until March 10th, 2023
    Registrations without receipt of payment 6 days after registration will be automatically deleted!

Registration deadline - for all competitions if there are still starting places available:        Friday, March 10th, 2023 at the latest

ATTENTION: Late registration is not possible on site!


If the event does not take place, the Skadi Loppet liability conditions apply

Registration only for clubs 

 - with this Excel file

Only for clubs with at least 6 Runners!

- up to a maximum of Saturday - two weeks before the races, if there are still starting places available.
- Registration by email (info@skadi-loppet.de)
- Only possible with bank transfer!
- Incoming payment required no later than 5 working days after registration!
- Start number pick-up only in full club-wise!


The strating fee (service fee) includes:

  • Löffler Skadi Loppet cap (value:24,99€) 

  • Transportation with bus from Bodenmais to Skadi Loppet Arena and back

  • free parking lots in the Skadi Loppet Arena (as long as free spaces are available)

  • starting bib and time keeping chip as souvenir

  • time keeping and result service

  • luggage storage in the Skadi Loppet Arena

  • up to 4 catering points on the track - depends on track length

  • ambulance on the tracks

  • catering in the finish area

  • catering for runners after the race with a 10 € voucher in selected restaurants in Bodenmais

Attention: Euroloppet Passport Holders have the following advantages at Skadi Loppet

  • 20% discount on starting fees on registration from January 02nd. This means at the Skadi Loppet, that he/ she always pays the lowest starting fee. No administration fee for local late registration!
  • Euroloppet Passport Holders start at least in the 2nd starting block in each race at the Skadi Loppet

more information - here