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Important information for you !

Skadi Loppet Arena plan

Parking at the Skadi Loppet Arena

Approx. 200 parking spaces are available for the participants (make car pools!)

Parking at the Skadi Loppet Arena is free for participants!

Bus Shuttle

The bus shuttle is for free for all participants!

The bus stops at all regular ski bus stops in town and will bring you to the Skadi Loppet Arena (Bretterschachten).
Show your starting bib and the shuttle is for free.

Download bus timetable

Bus stops in Bodenmais

Pole service by SWIX

Our partner SWIX will provide all participants, who got damages on their poles, a pole service.

The pole service stations are in the stadium and at the catering points on the tracks.

You can also test the latest models of SWIX poles during the race. Go to the SWIX tent before the start in the Skadi Loppet Arena during your race.

Wax service by SWIX & Fischer Ski

Our partners SWIX and Fischer Ski provides a wax service to all participants.
Get the perfect ski for your race.
The waxing experts will prepare your skis or give you some waxing tips for your race before the start.
Visit them in the Skadi Loppet Arena.

Webcams Skadi Loppet Tracks

Skadi Loppet Arena (1120 m)
 Highest point Skadi Loppet trail (Chamer hut 1301 m)