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Liability conditions - acceptance with registration
Insurance / Liability conditions

  • The organizer assumes no liability for accidents, lost objects, theft and other damages of any kind towards participants, spectators and third parties. With his registration/registration for the Skadi Loppet, with the start at the Skadi Loppet, the participant declares his unconditional acceptance of the liability conditions and the competition conditions.Each participant must have accident insurance and is fully responsible for his/her state of health. The organizer does not assume any liability.
  • The participant must be aware of and accept the risks and dangers specific to the competition. They must also be informed that they may suffer damage to life or limb in the exercise of the ski discipline they have chosen. The participant undertakes to make his own risk assessment as to whether, on the basis of his or her individual ability, he or she is confident that he or she can safely overcome the difficulties of the route or facility and undertakes to draw attention to any safety deficiencies he or she has identified. With its start, it expresses the suitability of the track on the one hand, and on the other hand its ability to cope with its demands.
  • Indebtedness of the organizer and his vicarious agents: The participant accepts if he suffers damage in the competition and is of the opinion that the responsible organizer or his vicarious agents are at fault for this and that they are only liable for damage to property in the case of intent or gross negligence. This declaration shall also apply to the Athlete's successor in title. The participant further agrees to familiarize himself with the respective competition regulations. If a third party suffers damage as a result of his participation in the competition, he accepts that he alone may be held liable. It therefore serves its own interest to have sufficient insurance cover. 
  • Each participant declares with his registration also the data protection guidelines for the Skadi Loppet and agrees with the fact that the data specified in his registration/registration may be used for organizer/association purposes, until a written revocation takes place from him. With his/her registration/registration, the participant agrees that photos, films, videos, etc. of the event with his/her image may be published for organiser/association purposes.
  • The participant accepts these liability conditions without restriction with his registration and his start


Accuracy of the given data.
With the registration the participant assures the correctness of the information and data given by him.

Health status of the participant
With the registration the participant assures that he has trained sufficiently for the participation in this competition and is physically healthy. That he underwent a medical examination that allowed him to participate in the races. The medical or track personnel are entitled to remove the participant from the race if there are threatening signs of damage to health.

Cancellation Policy - acceptance with registration
  • The participant accepts these conditions without restriction with his registration and his start

Cancellation of the entire event or of a competition
Should the event or a competition have to be cancelled, the following regulations apply:

  1. In case of cancellation of the complete event up to 10 days before the event date, the registration will be transferred 100% to the next Skadi Loppet event taking place. (In case of non-participation in the next Skadi Loppet event the transfer will be cancelled. )
  2. A refund of the entry fee will be given upon application with deduction of an advance payment and processing fee of 50 % of the paid amount. If the complete event or an individual competition is cancelled within 9 days until immediately before the start, the registered participants will receive a voucher code, which entitles them to register at the next Skadi Loppet event, which takes place, with 50% discount on the entry fee at a race of the event. (In case of non-registration at the next Skadi Loppet event the voucher code expires.)
  3. If the race cannot take place due to illness, registration can be transferred to the next Skadi Loppet event, which takes place, with a starting voucher upon application and presentation of a medical certificate (certificate). (In case of non-participation at the next Skadi Loppet event the voucher expires. )


A refund of the entry fee can be made on request and with presentation of a medical certificate (certificate), with deduction of an organizer advance payment and processing fee of 50% of the paid amount.


Start vouchers and voucher codes, as well as transfers of registrations that have been issued/made by the OK Skadi Loppet, are only valid for the next Skadi Loppet event that takes place. The start vouchers issued are not transferable to other persons and will not be paid out.

We thank you for your understanding.

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