Euroloppet Party at JOSKA Waldglashütte in Bodenmais

Friday, March 13th - 19:00 h 

JOSKA Waldglashütte, Scharebenstr. 1,  in Bodenmais


All participants, guests, friends, are invited 
to the meeting of the Nations

All Skadi Loppet participants and their friends and companions are cordially invited.

Celebrate in the historic ambience where the FIS World Cup crystal trophies are manufactured for the world's elite in skiing.


  • Good food

  • Good Bavarian beer

  • The music is playing

  • Experience glass bubbles live


Every Euroloppet Passport Holder gets a drink for free!

Please order your voucher in advance - here!


Bodenmais and the Skadi Loppet welcome their guests

Euroloppet Party in Joska Waldglashütte

Euroloppet Party on Friday
doors open from 19:00 h

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