Directions to Skadi Loppet

Airport transfer

Booking only until Monday befor race possible:

Bus departure from Munich airport to Bodenmais - Thursday

Transfer to the airport MUC - Monday

Transfer Thursday  -  Bodenmais

from   Airport MUC  (Departure will be announced after booking)    17:00 h 

Transfer Monday befor race  -  Airport MUC 

from  Bodenmais  (Departure: Touristinfo - Bahnhofstr. 56)              08:30 h
                             (Arrival at the airport approx. 10:15 h)

The fare is 69 € round - trip including luggage -  (Requirements are at least 5 bookings).


Detailed information and inquiries for groups and booking:
phone: 0049 9945 895


Airport transfer for groups

For groups of at least 4 persons, the OC Skadi Loppet will organize the transfer to Bodenmais.
Requests via phone 0049 (0) 9924 77 00 680 or e-Mail

Arrival to Bodenmais by train

By train from Munich airport to Bodenmais

- Enter your departure times and departure times here

Skadi Loppet locations in Bodenmais

Skadi Loppet Village

starting bib distribution, late registration
organic Skadi Loppet Buffet
award ceremony

Euroloppet Party in Joska Waldglashütte

Euroloppet Party on Friday
doors open from 19:00 h

Skadi Loppet Arena

SUBRU Skadi Loppet
Sparkassen Jet
Radio Galaxy Junior Loppet

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