Dear runners who were registered for the Skadi Loppet 2020,

we from the organizing committee regret that the Skadi Loppet 2020 was stopped by the authorities at such short notice.

We are also sorry for any inconvenience you may have had and thank you at the same time for the many positive, encouraging and understanding e-mails, letters or telephone calls. We tried everything until the end to do the Loppet, but maybe it was better in retrospect.

Let us now think forward - to the Skadi Loppet 2021.

All registered runners from 2020 are already transferred to the start list of the Skadi Loppet 2021 in the race in which they would have started.

If you would like to run a different track than the one currently listed in the 2021 starting list, please send a short message to .

We will correct this accordingly.


Your paid starting place will be made available to you 1:1 for 2021.

If you want to apply for a refund of the entry fee, the current  liability conditions  – cancellation of the whole event -  Point 1. of Skadi Loppet apply.


Thank you and best regards from Bodenmais from the Skadi Loppet Team


For the organizing committee

Andreas Adam



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