Sparkassen Jet / SUBARU Skadi Loppet 16./17.03.2019

Information about the races

SUBARU Skadi Loppet

42 km classic technique

24 km classic technique

Sparkassen Jet

32 km free technique

17 km free technique

Junior Skadi Loppet

2/3/6 km free technique

Registration +  Payment of the starting fee

Because of recured problems with delays in payment, the registration with bank transfer

  • is possible until Sunday March 10th 2019
  • payment with credit card until Wednesday March 13th 2019 -  24:00 hrs

Bank transfer to the following bank account:

  • IBAN: DE13741514500022013403
  • Sparkasse - Regen / Viechtach
  • account n° 220 134 03 bank code: 74151450

Registrations without deposit will be automatically deleted after 5 days.


Local Registration is only possible in the Skadi Loppet Village in Bodenmais: 

 (if starting bibs are still available!)

  • Friday March 15th 2019   from 14:00 hrs until 18:00 hrs  (for all races)
  • Saturday March 16th 2019 from 14:00 hrs until 18:00 hrs    (42 km C + 24 km C)


No late registration in the stadium on racing day.
(Only starting bib pick up for preliminary registered runners)

Skadi Loppet Stadium - Aktivzentrum Bodenmais

Only Starting bib pick up fro preliminary registered runners in the skiing stadium - Aktivzentrum Bodenmais

08:00 hrs - 10:30 hrs - Sparkassen Jet 32 km/ 17 km F
12:00 hrs - 13:30 hrs - Junior Skai Loppet 2 km, 3 km, 6 km

07:30 h - 09:45 hrs - SUBARU Skadi Loppet 42 km C/ 24 km C

General Information about the Skadi Loppet

Parking lots in the Aktivzentrum Bodenmais (skiing stadium) are fro free!
Ca. 200 - 300 parking lots will be provided.
Additional parking on the edge of the road in direction to Bodenmais is possible
- but only where no sign of stopping restriction is placed.
A shuttle bus is going for those, who are parking on the edge of the road from direction Bodenmais, to the stadium/ start. Just hop on the bus.

bus transfer for free from Bodenmais to the stadium - For all participants on Saturday from 7:30 h and Sunday from 06:30 h busses drive for free from Bodenmais to the stadium. (5 bus stops in town)



If you arrive on the day of the race, we recommend to park your car at the school /Skadi Loppet Village in Bodenmais and to take the bus from there to the stadium. Bus stop school/ Skadi Loppet Village and Hüttenparkplatz in Bodenmais.

Clothes storage/ Changing rooms
Clothes storage for free in the skiing stadium in the clothes storing tent.
A tent and separate changing rooms for men and women in tents and in the building are provided.

Showers and change clothes after the race are available in the Skadi Loppet Village in Bodenmais possible.

Present for participation:
Each participant gets the Skadi Loppet Crystal Medal in the finish area. 


On the track during the race:
Up to four refreshing stations are waiting for the Skadi Loppet runners (according to track length).

After the race in the stadium:
Hot drinks for all participants (blue tent in the starting area)

Catering Voucher for Skadi Loppet buffet after the race in the Skadi Loppet Village in Bodenmais:
Every participant gets a catering voucher for the BIO Skadi Loppet buffet with its starting bib.

Raffle of soft goods for all participants:
Soft goods with a worth of a few thousand Euros will be raffled under all participants at the finish line. You can pick up your price in the Skadi Loppet Village in Bodenmais.
Saturday from 15:00 until 17:00 h and Sunday from 13:00 until 15:30 h.

ORGANIC Skadi Loppet Buffet (don't forget your catering voucher) 
after the race in the Skadi Loppet Village in Bodenmais
Saturday from 12:00 h until 17:00 h
Sunday from 11:30 h until 15:30 h
- please come early to the buffet to avoid long waiting periods

Companions can also go to the buffet, if they buy a catering voucher for 7 € at the Skadi Loppet Village.

Euroloppet – Stamp
You'll get the Euroloppet stamp in the Skadi Loppet Village at the Euroloppet booth
on Saturday from 15:00 h until 18.00 h 
on Sunday from 13:00h until 15:30 h
You'll get general information about Euroloppet at the Euroloppet Infromation Desk at the sports fair (Friday and Saturday) or via phone: 0049 (0) 9924 77 00 680 Mrs. Gogolin 

Skadi Loppet Diploma
Each participant can print his diploma at

Organizing office Skadi Loppet
Phone: +49 (0) 99 24 / 77 00 680